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Interested to get training or mentoring from a Scrum Agile Institute Partner (SAIP)?

Partners are selected, trained, and authorized by the Scrum Agile Institute to deliver official courses and services.

When you receive training and services from a Partner, you can be sure that the quality of those services will be with the highest standards and it will be equivalent to the quality you would get from the Scrum Agile Institute itself.

If your organization is interested to get services please contact us to

We offer opportunities to become Scrum Agile Institute Partner (SAIP) to organizations that want to contribute to Advance the Agile World.


  • SAIP organizations are enabled to deliver Scrum Agile Institute official courses
  • SAIP organizations receive standard courses materials from Scrum Agile Institute, It empowers them to deliver high quality courses that are kept up to date
  • SAIP organizations are able to certify their own instructors and mentors with the support of Scrum Agile Institute
  • The Scrum Agile Institute official courses deliver the required knowledge to get Scrum Agile Institute certifications
  • SAIP organizations are enabled to deliver mentoring services with the sponsorship of Scrum Agile Institute


If your organization is interested to become a SAIP (Scrum Agile Institute Partners) please contact us

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In addition to English, we provide all our SCRUM Courses and Test for Certifications in Spanish.
SCRUM AGILE INSTITUTE releases the SCRUM Certification for Organizations.
We provide executives and high management the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to support the implement of Agile Methodologies in their organizations.
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